Governor Shri Bandaru Dattatreya lighting the lamp at the National Executive meeting of National Union of Journalists at National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chandigarh.

    Publish Date: November 17, 2021

    Haryana Governor Shri Bandaru Dattatreya exhorted the journalists to use their writings to strengthen democracy keeping the national interest paramount, which would increase the public’s trust in the press in the country. Shri Dattatreya was speaking at the National Executive meeting of the National Union of Journalists at the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chandigarh.

    He said that journalism has emerged as a profession in this age of materialism. Even in this period, you have to work by balancing moral and human values ​​with materialism. In this era of social media, print media, electronic media, many youths are looking for a future in this business. You have to set an ideal in front of the coming generation that keeps in mind the priority of the nation, society, how can one move forward in the field of journalism. He also suggested avoiding yellow journalism.

    The Governor said that today is the age of social media and therefore, the meaning of the word press has become wider. The effects and ill effects of social media in the press are also undeniable. At present, there are more than 62 crore users of social media in India, that is, more than 45 percent of the total population is using social media and it is also true that 90 percent of the information is being received by the common man through social media. In such a situation, we all face the challenge of the authenticity of facts and unfactual information. In this age of social media, the responsibility of the mainstream media has increased further. He said that your organization is committed to maintaining the freedom of the press, protecting the interests of journalists, and working according to the high standards of journalism.

    The Governor said that in a democracy, the press serves as an important bridge between the government and the people. It also takes up the task of taking the development and welfare schemes run by the Government to the people and to take the problems of the common man to the Government.

    NEMHe said the Central and State Governments have also tried to give you a good environment to work. The Haryana government has launched a pension of 10,000 rupees per month for senior journalists. At the same time, press recognition rules have also been relaxed so that media persons working in the mainstream can take advantage of the schemes of the Government.

    He said the Haryana government has provided collective insurance to recognized journalists. In addition, a media welfare dictionary has been set up. 3 crore has been provided by the Government. Free travel facility has been provided in state transport buses for recognized journalists. At the same time, the State Government is also providing financial assistance to the families of the departed journalists and to the needy and sick journalists.

    He said the entire journalist community deserves congratulations for the way journalists have reported without caring for their lives by staying in the first line during the Corona period. With your cooperation, the administrative machinery has reached out to all corona victims. Press and journalist brothers who underline the mistakes and mistakes of the Government are true friends and supporters of the Government. He said journalists should report news and not views in newspapers and compile news on the basis of facts and reach out to the readers.

    Manoj Mishra, Chairman National Union of Journalists, Shri Suresh Sharma, General Secretary National Union of Journalists Shri Amarnath, Chairman Chandigarh JournalistAssociation, Shri Dushyant Pundir, General Secretary Chandigarh Journalistassociation were also present on the occasion.