Haryana Governor Shri Bandaru Dattatraya greets people of Telangana on its Foundation Day

    Publish Date: June 2, 2024

    Chandigarh, June 2, 2024: Haryana Governor Shri Bandaru Dattatraya on Sunday extended his heartiest greetings and best wishes to the people of the state on the Foundation Day of Telangana.

    Shri Dattatraya said that Telangana state was formed in 2014 following a lot of struggles and sacrifices. Telangana state is the result of the struggle of students, youth, farmers, laborers, artists, intellectuals, businessmen and leaders of political parties, he said.

    “I am very happy that it has been 10 years since the formation of Telangana state. The 10th anniversary of the state is being celebrated by organizing a big event at the state level for which I congratulate the new government and Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy,” he said.

    Governor Shri Bandaru Dattatraya said: “I pay tribute to the people who made the supreme sacrifice during the struggle for Telangana state and have become immortal. I also wish and congratulate the people of Telangana on the Foundation Day of the state.”

    He further said: “I hope that the youth, farmers, labourers and every citizen of Telangana will contribute to the development of the state by making it self-reliant in all fields including education and health, and by generating employment for the needy.”

    “At the same time, we will also do our best to preserve the cultural heritage, tradition and history of Telangana and propagate it in the country and the world. Once again, hearty congratulations and best wishes to all brothers and sisters on the Foundation Day of Telangana,” said Shri Dattatraya.